Alyssa Columbus

Datanaut at NASA

Alyssa Columbus is a member of the Spring 2018 Class of NASA Datanauts with over five years of experience as a data scientist, information security analyst, and machine learning researcher. Her technical guides, tutorials, and articles have been featured by leading organizations, including O’Reilly Media, Microsoft, Google, and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Outside of work, Columbus is a member of the MIT Technology Review’s Global Panel and a contributor to open-source software with over 45 million downloads. A strong proponent of diversity in tech, Columbus is also a program committee member for the Grace Hopper Celebration and the founder of R-Ladies Irvine.

WATCH LIVE: December 10 @ 12:40PM – 1:10PM ET

How Open Access Information and Software Launches Innovation

Open access information and software has enabled organizations in every industry to launch innovative operations and tools. This presentation will illustrate how open access data and frameworks, in conjunction with open-source software, has enabled innovation in data science, management, and governance for various groups and platforms, including All attendees of this session will come away with knowledge about how they can use the case studies presented to kickstart innovation at their organizations.”