Asaf Somekh

Co-Founder & CEO at Iguazio

Asaf Somekh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Iguazio, who’s data science platform supports enterprises in getting their AI projects from research to production and building real-time AI applications. Iguazio has raised $72M from prominent investors such as Bosch, Verizon Ventures, Samsung, CME Group, Dell. Asaf holds a BSc in computer engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA from IMD in Switzerland. He has been at the helm of the tech and data scene for more than twenty years, and prior to founding Iguazio has held various leadership roles in early stage startups as well as public corporations in R&D, Marketing and Business Development.

Prof. Robert Klempfner

Dir. Israeli Center for Cardiovascular Research & Scientific Dir. – ARC Innovation Centre at Sheba Medical Centre

Professor Robert Klempfner is the Director of the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention Institute at Sheba Medical Center, the Scientific Director of Big Data and AI at ARC Sheba Medical Center and CEO of the Israel Center for Cardiovascular Research at Sheba Medical Center. Prof. Klempfner is the former chair of the Israeli Working Group on Cardiac rehabilitation and an active researcher Involved in multiple studies in the areas of exercise training, remote rehabilitation and prevention in cardiology, and the clinical use of innovative wearable medical devices and Big Data in Cardiology.

WATCH LIVE: February 16 @ 3:00PM – 3:20PM ET

Bringing Data Science to Life at the Sheba Medical Center

For medical centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare providers, AI has the potential to transform patient care & outcomes, especially in times of pandemic. But despite the growth in promising predictive models being built in lab environments, still today, over 85% of data science projects never make it to production. This is because of the complexities associated with MLOps, or operationalizing machine learning, especially when dealing with real-time use cases. In this presentation, Robert and Asaf will discuss the work that is being done at the Sheba Medical Center, one of top 10 hospitals worldwide, to bring real-time AI to the hospital floor. More specifically, they will showcase two use cases:

– Predicting and mitigating COVID-19 patient deterioration
– Optimizing the patient journey with smart mobility
Join this session to hear how AI is being implemented at the Sheba Medical Center, and how new MLOps solutions can help your team bring your data science to production more quickly and efficiently.