Ashivni Shekhawat

Lead Research Scientist at Lyft

Ashivni Shekhawat is a Senior Data Scientist at Lyft, where he has worked on many problems including strategic and dynamic pricing, mapping and localization, and customer acquisition. Ashivni likes to work at the intersection of business and science, and is deeply interested in two-sided marketplaces. He has been a leader in the core team that has spearheaded several applications of data science to pricing at Lyft. Ashivni is a former Fellow of the Miller Institute at UC Berkeley, and holds a PhD in Physics from Cornell University, a B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Kanpur.

WATCH LIVE: December 10 @ 12:40PM – 1:10PM ET

RL and ML for Lyft scale user acquisition optimization

Modern organizations devote vast amount of resources towards acquiring the correct customers who can help grow the organization’s business. However, with limited ability to experiment with typical acquisition channels such as google/facebook, as well as the incredible heterogeneity of advertisement campaigns, it becomes challenging to allocate resources optimally. Here we discuss the science and algorithms that power the automated user acquisition at Lyft. We discuss the solutions that we have explored, and the learnings that we have had. We dive deep into the importance of ML and AI in automating the complex customer acquisition stack at Lyft.