Barak Krakauer

Data Scientist at Levi Strauss & Co.

Barak Krakauer is a data scientist at Levi Strauss & Co who focuses on natural language processing. Prior to becoming a data scientist, he received a PhD in Philosophy and was a university instructor who taught philosophy of language and logic. He has also worked as a data scientist at IBM and an analyst at the University of California.

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Building an Interpretable Model for Product Assortments

Levi’s is now using machine learning to determine the assortment of products at Levi’s stores. Determining the assortment for a store means building out a model top predict how well products will sell given historical data, the demographics of the region, and so on. But we also have to address problems such as how to deal with new products, how to interpret historical sales and inventory data, and how to work around data quality issues. Most importantly, we have to address how to interpret our model in such a way to explain our predictions and provide insights about the marketplace and our customers.