Applying AI & Machine Learning to

Media & Advertising

June 8, 2023

Bob Bress

VP, Data Science at Freewheel, A Comcast Company

Bob Bress is the Vice President and Head of Data Science at Freewheel, a Comcast Company, where his work is focused on advanced advertising technologies. In that role he leads a team of data science and analytical staff using their expertise to lead the development of the next generation of innovative advertising products for television and premium video. Bob holds 9 patents in the application of data science to advertising technology and is a frequent speaker on the intersection of analytics and media.

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Building a Culture for Accelerated AI Adoption

Every business that relies on technology today is scrambling to find ways to leverage AI capabilities in unique and innovative ways. In order to accelerate the development and adoption of AI technology however, it is important to create an organizational foundation for this technology to be successfully integrated into the business. Hiring the right talent, structuring the right support teams, and educating the business are just some of the pieces that must be in place if a company expects to keep up with the fast-moving technical developments happening in the AI space. In this talk we will cover some of the key foundational attributes that organizations should have in order to not only keep up with the latest developments in AI but to find ways to use the technology to differentiate themselves in a competitive landscape. The talk will leave the listeners with concrete steps to creating a structure that sets the organization up for accelerated innovation and adoption of AI technologies.