Bonnie Magnuson-Skeels

Principal Data Scientist at Samba TV

Bonnie is a Principal Data Scientist at Samba TV, where she has worked on a variety of projects from panel-building methodologies and creation of synthetic control groups to measure television campaign effectiveness to predicting future viewership. She has a master’s degree in Geography from the University of California, Davis, where she focused on quantitative methods and machine learning in a spatial context.

WATCH LIVE: may 5 @ 1:25pm – 1:55pm et 

Predicting Future Viewership: Building Predictions of Upcoming Household-level Television Behaviors

Samba TV is a global leader of omniscreen advertising and analytics, offering advertisers and content providers advertising solutions leveraging diversified and comprehensive privacy-compliant TV data. Samba TV’s automatic content recognition (ACR) is integrated at the chipset level across 20 of the top Smart TV brands globally, analyzing the content on screen in real time regardless of source. Machine learning has many potential applications with this data, including the possibility of building predictive viewership at the device level. This talk will give insight into the thorny problem of predicting television viewership, a complex human behavior with difficult-to-measure features and multi-period seasonality.