Drew Maniglia

Founder at Hakuin Advisors

Drew Maniglia is the founder of Hakuin Advisors, an analytics and machine learning consulting company focused on helping organizations improve at control-testing. Before founding Hakuin, he started and built the data science and analytics team at Roku. He joined Roku in 2014 as the first data scientist and proceeded to define the team mission and strategy, hire and lead a world class team of analysts and research scientists, and deploy analytical solutions and machine learning algorithms to optimize all of Roku’s services. Prior to Roku, he developed cross device marketing and book recommendations at Nook (B&N’s e-reading tablet), and he began his career in the financial services industry, where he was responsible for analyzing and modeling fund performance for large asset managers.

WATCH LIVE: September 24 @ 1:15PM – 1:45PM ET

The Twilight of A|B Testing, and What Comes Next

In this talk, Drew Maniglia will discuss the ways in which A|B testing within organizations often generates waste in terms of both organizational inefficiency and actual revenue loss, and how multi-armed bandit algorithms can be used to dramatically improve upon typical testing strategies and operations. He will talk mostly at a high level about the conceptual differences but will dive into some specific examples of how several of the multi-armed bandit algorithms work in contrast to the typical A|B tests. Throughout his career, he has witnessed first hand the challenges posed by A|B testing and is now on a mission to provide solutions across numerous industries and companies.