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september 9

Sheila Beladinejad - CEO of O Canada Tech and President of women in ai & robotics

Join Anna and Sheila Beladinejad, where they talk about the work she’s doing at Women in AI & Robotics, why women in data science communities are needed, and much more!

september 2

DAVID TALBY - CTO at John Snow Labs

Join Anna and David Talby, where they chat about the potentials of NLP for the healthcare industry, JSL’s upcoming Virtual NLP Summit, and more!


Sayan Maity - Senior Research Data Scientist at roku inc.

Join Anna and Sayan Maity, as they talk about his favorite tools and techniques to build successful ML models, his thoughts on the next big thing in using AI for advertising, and a much more!


Vidhi Chugh - Staff Data Scientist at Blue Yonder

Join Anna and Vidhi Chugh, as they go over her advice and career in data science, the biggest challenges in responsible AI, imposter syndrome, and more!


Resham Sarkar - Principal Data Scientist at Slice

Join Anna and Resham Sarkar, as they get to know more about her about her work at Slice, a sneak peek of her talk at our upcoming DSS event, and more!


Murium Iqbal - Senior Data Scientist at Etsy

Join Anna and Murium Iqbal, where they’ll be discussing Etsy’s recommendation system, some of the challenges their team has been working on, and much more!

July 15

dr. june andrews - Senior Director of the Search Sciences Team at Nike

Join Anna and Dr. June Andrews, where they chat about her career, advice to women aiming for a data science career, and her recent presentation at our DSS Virtual VB Transform Event!

June 24

ROCHELLE J. MARCH - Head of ESG Product at dun & bradstreet

Join Anna and Rochelle March, where they’ll be going over her work in sustainability and climate change as well as chatting about her upcoming talk at our VentureBeat event!

June 17

Laura Gabrysiak - Data Science Manager at VIsa/Founder of R-Ladies Miami,

Join Anna and Laura Gabrysiak, where they chat about her work at Visa, mentoring at Code Art, and the future of AI/ML in finance.

June 10

Adam Lieberman - Head of AI and ML at finastra

Join Anna and Adam Lieberman, where they’ll be discussing about the future of AI and ML in the fintech space and key elements to look for in building data science teams.

may 27

ravit jain - data scientist, community manager at packt & host of "the ravit show"

Join Anna and Ravit Jain, where they talk about talk about how he got started with his popular show, advice for aspiring data scientists and more.

may 20

Yi Kang - Director of Data Science at Gannett | USA TODAY NETWORK

Join Anna and Yi Kang, who recently presented at our DSSVrtual on “A Stakeholder-In-The-Loop Approach to Keyword Optimization.” They’ll be going over her career journey, some of the challenges with keyword optimization, and more.

may 13

Appu Shaji - CEO and Chief Data Scientist at Mobius Labs

Join Anna and special guest Appu Shaji of Mobius Labs, a previouis sponsor for DSSVirtual, where Appu talked about “Superhuman Vision for Every Application.” They’ll be chatting about his company, their work, and more.


Jay Kachhadia - Data scientist at ViacomCBS

Join Anna and Jay Kachhadia, where they chat about his recent talk at DSSVirtual, as well as his journey to becoming a Data Scientist, where he’ll be sharing excellent advice to those trying to break into the field.


Kenny Chen - Data Scientist at TikTok

Join Anna and Kenny Wei-Chih Chen, as they discuss what his team is up to, how the iOS 14 update is impacting targeting and how data science can help, along with much more!

April 22

Rose Punkunus - Founder and CEO at Sudozi

Join Anna Anisin for the first DSSBreak live cast! We kick off the first week with Founder and CEO of Sudozi, Rose Punkunus!