Amarita Natt

Managing Director, Data Science at Econ One Research

Dr. Amar Natt is an economist and data scientist specializing in econometric modeling of large-scale (multi-terabyte) transactional datasets. Her recent work has included predictive modeling of major airlines’ loyalty programs for the purposes of booking financial statements. This work includes customer profiling, predictive modeling given current conditions, and scenario modeling incorporating potential changes to programs or industry conditions. In the litigation space, Dr. Natt assists in model design and data analysis for price-fixing and antitrust litigation cases. Outside of EconOne, Dr. Natt is a lecturer at UCLA, teaching a Data Science seminar of her own design.

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Leondra James

Manager, Analytics and Operations at Saatchi & Saatchi

Leondra is a Columbus, OH native, Los Angeles based data scientist with a rich background in entertainment and media analytics. Today, she manages Saatchi & Saatchi’s operations predictive analytics unit for Toyota, where she oversees the implementation of statistical & predictive modeling of human resource & budget allocation to advertising campaigns. She works closely with project scoping personnel and senior management to improve business processes, project labeling, similarities and resource projections.

She also has a rich, educational background – a current PhD Candidate for Information Technology, she studied Music and Business with a focus in Business Management at Otterbein University where she earned a scholarship for violin performance. Additionally, she has a Master in Entertainment Industry Management where she focused in Business Analytics from Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College of Information Systems Management and Public Policy, an MBA with a focus in Statistics, Data & Decisions from Smartly Institute, and a post graduate professional certificate in Data Science from Harvard University.

Beyond work, Leondra enjoys playing video games and table-top / RPG games with her friends, metal shows and unrealistic action films.

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Diane Leung

Principal, Analytics Innovation at Altman Vilandrie & Company

Diane Leung is a Principal in Altman Vilandrie & Company’s Boston headquarters and leads the firm’s Analytics Innovation Team (AIT), which provides a range of cutting-edge analytic and data services for the firm’s Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT) sector and private equity clients. Under Diane’s direction, AIT provides Altman Vilandrie & Company’s clients with access to the full range of data and analytics services, including Big Data Analysis and Engineering, AI/Machine Learning, Geospatial Analytics and Data Visualization. Examples of client projects supported by AIT include marketing and sales optimization, pricing strategy, competitor analysis, infrastructure deployment, and program efficiency.

Diane is an expert in media analytics and attribution with a focus on advanced advertising for TV. Her TV clients have relied on her for her expertise in working with STB data, omnichannel audience targeting and segmentation, large-scale modeling and scoring, and linear and addressable campaign analytics (including test & control design, closed loop attribution, media schedule optimization, and more). She is an expert in designing analytic methodologies to overcome data coverage gaps and reporting biases.

Diane has over 14 years of experience, most recently as Director, Data Science & Analytics at Acxiom, a global marketing services and technology company. She also held multiple positions at the database marketing firm The Allant Group and at the digital marketing firm Digitas after five years in economic consulting. Diane earned a Master’s degree in Marketing Science from Columbia Business School, and a B.A. in Economics from Wellesley College.

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Catalina Arango

Data Scientist at Florida Power & Light Company

Catalina Arango is a Data Scientist on the Customer Service Strategy and Analytics team at Florida Power & Light, where she works on developing data products and using machine learning to improve operations. She is a believer in cross-disciplinary approaches to solving complex problems and is passionate about imparting data science knowledge to diverse professionals in order to tackle pressing challenges.

She’s actively involved in the data science and tech community in South Florida, serving as Stanford University’s Women in Data Science Ambassador for Miami, co-organizing the R-Ladies Miami chapter, speaking at local conferences, and serving as an Endeavor mentor. Before her current role, Catalina worked at several tech startups, founded a data science education company and ran a data strategy consulting practice. Catalina graduated with honors from The Wharton Business School with a B.S. Economics, a concentration in Business Analytics, and a minor in Consumer Psychology.

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Hong Wang

Data Scientist at Independent Purchasing Cooperative

Hong Wang, data scientist at Independent Purchasing Cooperative, which is a supply chain management company and provides supply chain service for Subway (US top 2 quick service restaurant brand). Our general business is to assure that all Subway restaurants both in US and Canada to operate successfully with high quality products and most competitive cost. As a data scientist at IPC, I am providing in-depth analytical insights or systematic applications, which are both important to improve our current business. I am applying mathematical approaches to solve business questions and enable business stakeholders to make decisions based on my analysis or recommendations.

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Michelle Coca

AVP, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence & Analytics at Amerant Bank

I am AVP Data Scientist at Amerant Bank. Prior to the bank, I earned a Master of Science in Applied Economics from Florida State University in 2015 and that was the introduction working hands-on with data that led the aim to work in this field. I have been at the bank for the past four years and have help implement various data-driven solutions. My department has been in the forefront shifting the organization to utilizing data science tools outside of the traditional companies and as well as applying unsupervised learning algorithms to derive business opportunities.”

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Rochelle March

Senior Analyst at Trucost

Rochelle March is a sustainability expert, quantifier of environmental and social impact, and developer of financial products designed to improve the ESG (environmental, social, governance) performance of companies. She’s a senior analyst at Trucost, part of S&P Global, where she manages a portfolio of clients and products, including the Trucost SDG Evaluation product. She specializes in natural capital valuation, developing quantitative and qualitative impact methodologies, risk assessment and applying machine learning to ESG analysis. Rochelle has developed several custom methodologies for measuring corporate impact against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and managed a broad range of consulting projects for clients such as AMD, Dunkin’ Brands, HP Inc., Nestle, TIAA/Nuveen and others. Before entering the sustainability field, Rochelle worked on cancer research at Weill Cornell Medical College and founded a graphic design company. She has an MBA and MS in Environmental Policy from Bard College and holds a BA in Individualized Study with honors from NYU.

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Sophia Tee

Sr. Manager, Business Intelligence & Analytics at Verizon

Sophia Tee is a Principal Data Scientist at Verizon, where she helps guide supply chain strategy in the Planning Analytics Group. She is a native of the tiny island nation of Singapore and graduate of Northwestern University. After beginning her career in finance, Sophia obtained a Masters Degree in Statistics at Yale University purely so that she can tell people she “models professionally.”

Sophia has been involved in a variety of analytics roles, ranging from Marketing Mix Modelling to attribution and most recently in inventory optimization. Outside of work, she is a hot yoga and baby back ribs enthusiast (separately).

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Noemi Derzsy

Sr Inventive Scientist, AT&T Labs

Noemi is a Senior Inventive Scientist at AT&T Labs within the Data Science and AI Research organization, where she’s doing lots of science with lots of data. Previously, Noemi was a postdoctoral research associate at the Network Science and Technology Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Holding a PhD in Physics and research background in Network Science and Computer Science, her interests revolve around the study of complex systems and complex networks through real-world data.

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Lauren Lombardo

Senior Data Scientist at Nielsen

Lauren currently works as a Senior Data Scientist for Nielsen Media. In this capacity, she focuses on the design, delivery, and development of measurement solutions for Nielsen’s digital clients. Lauren started her Nielsen career on the International Media Data Science team where she supported the expansion of Nielsen’s global measurement footprint. Lauren has also worked on Nielsen’s Big Data team and as a client service associate supporting digital clients.

A California native, Lauren moved to New York City two years ago and is still adjusting to the unfortunate reality of winter. Lauren has trained academically in economics and public policy and enjoys reading, international travel, and listening to podcasts.

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Anna Nicanorova

VP, Engineering at Annalect Labs

Anna Nicanorova is Director of Annalect Labs – space for experimentation and rapid software development within Annalect. The objective of the lab to build marketing software and algorithms based on the latest developments in tech as well as needs of Omnicom agencies. Anna is Co–Founder of Books+Whiskey meetup and volunteer coding teacher with ScriptEd (Science Skill Center High School). She holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School and BA from Hogeschool van Utrecht. In her free time, she can be found art-hunting in museums or climbing very tall mountains.

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Mo Johnson

Data Ethics Specialist at Data for Democracy

Maureen “Mo” Johnson is an advocate for ethics centered on a framework of human rights, public policy, and cooperative infrastructure. Most recently, Mo joined a multi-stakeholder project called Lowering Online Violence and Exclusion (Project Love), a New Zealand based group focused on increasing inclusion and healthy conversations in digital spaces and online communities. For the past two years, Mo has been the Community Lead for the Global Data Ethics Project, a multi-stakeholder project that focused on developing a set of community-driven ethical principles for adoption in data science and technology. During her time, she contributed to the UN Panel on Digital Cooperation, and regularly presents on data ethics and community building at conferences, panels and workshops, in English and Spanish. She is also passionate about contributing to pedagogical initiatives in data ethics. Before moving into the tech field, Mo worked in public health, policy and humanitarian data. She worked as a field researcher in Texas and Peru, interacting with vulnerable communities, community-based organizations, government and nonprofits. While at the Texas Department of State Health Services, Mo brought together policy makers and researchers to discuss salient issues in preventive medicine, and analyzed data to drive policy initiatives. She has lived in Europe, South America and India, and loves biking, dancing and food. She studied Anthropology at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

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Eunice Chendjou

Founder and CEO, DataGig

Eunice is the founder at DataGig, an online marketplace where enterprises hire vetted data experts and vendors for their big data and analytics projects on-demand. Prior to founding DataGig, Eunice was a Product Consultant and Analyst for the Canadian Business Unit at Apple. She is also a Founder Institute graduate, a program that teaches all facets of start-up development and growth from concept, to fund-raising, to validation and expansion, all the way to exit.

Eunice strongly believes in building the next generation of women and minorities in the tech industries. She volunteers by mentoring students at Code2College, a non-profit whose mission is to dramatically increase the number of girls, underrepresented students of color and low-income students who enter STEM degree programs and fields.

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Hillary Green Lerman

Sr Curriculum Lead at Data Camp

Hillary is a Senior Curriculum Lead at DataCamp. She is an expert in creating a data-driven product and curriculum development culture, having built the Product Intelligence team at Knewton and the Data Science team at Codecademy. She enjoys explaining data science in a way that is understandable to people with both PhDs in Math and BAs in English.

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Amarita Natt

Advanced Analytics & Predictive Modeling at UCLA

Dr. Amar Natt is an economist and data scientist specializing in econometric modeling of large-scale (multi-terabyte) transactional datasets. Her recent work has included predictive modeling of major airlines’ loyalty programs for the purposes of booking financial statements. This work includes customer profiling, predictive modeling given current conditions, and scenario modeling incorporating potential changes to programs or industry conditions. In the litigation space, Dr. Natt assists in model design and data analysis for price-fixing and antitrust litigation cases. Outside of EconOne, Dr. Natt is a lecturer at UCLA, teaching a Data Science seminar of her own design.

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Karen Bellin

VP Data and Analytics at Mirum Agency

Karen Bellin started and led the analytics practice at Digitaria, now Mirum, to help clients get the most out of investments in advertising and marketing tech. Early on in her career Karen worked at DoubleClick, now Google, to help brands who were beginning to experiment display advertising. She went on to work at frog design where she architected the navigation system for the largest online retailer, at the time, in terms of number of SKUs. Currently, Karen heads up analytics for Mirum in the US, working with clients like United Healthcare, Mazda and Unilever to help create value from their data and mature their analytics capabilities.

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Jessica Renaud

BI Analyst at iperceptions

During the day, Jessica works as Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst for iperceptions, where she is responsible for developing personalized BI strategies to help her clients understand their data and act on it. Jessica also has a master’s degree in economics and actively promotes data visualization through her involvement in various conferences and workshops as well as being the Ambassador for the Data Viz Jam Sessions in Montreal.

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Rachel Shuyan Wang

Head of Data Science at TRUE CAR

Rachel is a Manager of Data Science at TrueCar in Santa Monica, mainly focus on pricing and buying experience. She has four years of experience in data science in both finance and tech. She is interested in E-commerce, investing, and the auto-industry. She has a Masters in Quantitative Methods from Columbia University.

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Nadieh Bremer

Freelancing Data Visualization Designer

Nadieh Bremer is a graduated Astronomer, turned Data Scientist, turned Data Visualization Designer. After working for a consultancy & fintech company where she discovered her passion for the visualization of data, she’s now working as a freelancing data visualization designer under the name “Visual Cinnamon”. As 2017’s “Best Individual” in the Information is Beautiful Awards, she focuses on uniquely crafted (interactive) data visualizations that both engage and enlighten its audience. Ranging from companies as extensive as Google News Lab to small start-ups. From printed magazines such as Scientific American to an interactive experience for the Guardian to more promotionally focused artful visualizations for press releases, data-driven reports, and data art for in the office. As long as there’s data that has a story to reveal. And when she’s not creating new visualizations, she can often be found somewhere outside of the Netherlands, speaking at conferences, making more people enthusiastic about the wonders of visualizing data.

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Mollie Pettit

Freelance Data Scientist

Mollie wears many technical hats including that of a data scientist, a data visualization engineer, and an instructor of both fields. In her career, Mollie has worked on projects involving a wide variety of problems including but not limited to interactive data visualizations, exploratory data analysis, machine learning, corporate data tool creation, course development, instruction, and ideation. Mollie previously worked with Datascope Analytics as a data scientist / consultant and at Metis as a data visualization (D3.js) and data science instructor. In addition to freelance work, she is currently working as a technical mentor with the Data Science for Social Good Fellowship with the University of Chicago. When Mollie is not being a technical nerd, she swing dances as much as possible, listens to educational podcasts, and strives to be all-around fabulous.

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Gabriela de Queiroz

Founder of R-Ladies Sr Developer Advocate at IBM

Gabriela de Queiroz is a Sr. Developer Advocate/Sr. Engineering & Data Science Manager at IBM where she leads the CODAIT Machine Learning Team. She works in different open-source projects and is actively involved with several organizations to foster an inclusive community.

She is the founder of R-Ladies, a worldwide organization for promoting diversity in the R community with more than 150 chapters in 45+ countries.

She has worked in several startups where she built teams, developed statistical models and employed a variety of techniques to derive insights and drive data-centric decisions. She likes to mentor and shares her knowledge through mentorship programs, tutorials and talks.

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Farah Bendahmane

Freelance Data Scientist

Farah Bendahmane has degrees in the fields of biomedical sciences and health economics; more recently, she has pursued further training in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science.

She has several years of experience developing and reviewing value propositions in various settings (start-up, industry, and government).

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Erika Braithwaite

Co-Founder, CEO at Precision Analytics

Dr. Erika Braithwaite’s background in epidemiology, psychology and econometrics all serve her well as CEO of Precision Analytics. Erika is an accomplished researcher, having been published in various academic journals, and she is an adjunct professor of Epidemiology and McGill University.
When she isn’t crunching data or overseeing company growth, Erika has a passion for inspiring women to pursue technology-related careers, and organizes the R Ladies Montreal Meetups. Like much of the Precision Analytics team, Erika is known enjoying the company of canines. More uniquely, she loves makeup, beauty bloggers and following the many BeauTube scandals of 2019.

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Chelsea Douglas

Sr Project Manager at Plotly

Chelsea Douglas is the Head of Project Management at Plotly. As a polyglot in R, MATLAB, Python, and JavaScript, she leads communication of Plotly capabilities to users across programming languages and industries. Chelsea has a MA in Music Technology from Mcgill University.

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