Episode 32

Leveraging Statistical Models and ESG to Grow Your Business with Laura Gabrysiak and Rochelle March

In this episode, Anna sits down with two leaders in the finance industry, exploring the forefront of AI, ML, and ESG innovations.

First, let’s welcome Laura Gabrysiak, Data Science Leader at Visa. Laura develops statistical models and decision analytics tools that enable Visa clients to transform massive amounts of data into actionable ML models and AI implementations. She’s also passionate about fostering the local data science community in Miami as the Founder of R-Ladies Miami. In this conversation, they dive into the future of ML/AI in financial services and the impactful work being done with Code Art to promote diversity in tech.

Next, we have Rochelle March, former Head of ESG Product at Dun & Bradstreet. Rochelle specializes in impact analysis related to carbon, water, and the Sustainable Development Goals, and applies machine learning to ESG products. She also teaches data and analytics at Bard College’s MBA program, sits on the advisory board for USL Technology, Inc., and mentors fellows in the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps program. Since recording this episode, Rochelle has started her own company, People Places Words Actions. In our discussion, we explore her journey in ESG innovation and analytics, why ESG data is crucial for responsible investment decisions, and how it drives sustainable business practices.

Tune in to learn from these industry thought leaders and gain insights into the cutting-edge applications of AI and ESG data in the finance sector.