Episode 34

Using AI & Machine Learning to Develop Better Healthcare Experiences with Sumayah Rahman and Vaibhav Verdhan

In this episode of the Data Science Salon Podcast, host Anna Anisin sits down with two leading experts in the ML/AI healthcare industry. First, Sumayah Rahman, Director of Data Science – Machine Learning and Infrastructure at Cedar, discusses optimizing the patient experience to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. She explains how ML-powered discounts can benefit both patients and providers, sharing practical examples of using data to enhance patient experiences and highlighting the transformative impact of AI/ML in healthcare.

Next, Vaibhav Verdhan, Analytics Leader at AstraZeneca, dives into the role of computer vision in healthcare and his favorite technologies in the healthcare analytics space. He discusses how advanced analytics are driving innovation at AstraZeneca by developing, deploying, and maintaining decision support capabilities. Both guests provide valuable insights into how AI and ML are revolutionizing healthcare, offering listeners practical knowledge and inspiration.