Episode 35

Elevating Computer Vision and Female Voices with Alex Levinson and Sheila Beladinejad

In this episode of the DSS Podcast, Anna Anisin introduces two powerhouse guests in the realms of AI and robotics.

First, Anna welcomes Alex, Principal Algorithms/AI Engineer at Elbit Systems of America, based in Miami. Alex shares her journey into the field of AI, particularly computer vision, and discusses common use cases, pitfalls, and success stories in sourcing and improving data for computer vision models. She also offers valuable recommendations for data scientists starting out in the field and highlights an exciting trend in AI that she’s currently following.

Next, Anna introduces Sheila Beladinejad, President of Women in AI & Robotics. Sheila talks about the network she built in Germany, dedicated to fostering gender-inclusive, ethical, and responsible AI and robotics solutions. She highlights the importance of creating such a network and the positive impact it has had on the AI and robotics community.