Himanshu Swamy

Manager Data Science at Publicis Sapient

Himanshu Swamy is a Manager Data Science at Publicis Sapient. He has spent the last 11 years working on data projects at product and service-based organizations and has an extensive hands-on experience in machine learning, deep learning, data engineering, programming, and designing algorithms for various business requirements in domains such as Banking, Retail and Information technology (Marketing & Sales). Expertise in financial risk modeling catering to banking products (Mortgages, Cards, Secured and Unsecured loans). He is actively involved in next gen AI research and is also a part of several AI community. Himanshu holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering from RGPV University, an MBA focused on Marketing & Finance from ICFAI. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, listening music and playing badminton.

WATCH LIVE: October 1 @ 12:00PM – 2:00PM ET

Optimize content at scale using State-of-Art NLP techniques in cloud environment

NLP, also known as computational linguistics, is the combination of AI and linguistics that allows us to talk to machines as if they were human. This session is about an important concept used in the current state of the art applications in Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing – viz Sequence to Sequence modelling. This will convert an input sequence into an output sequence. Just to give you a sneak peek of the potential application of seq2seq model can be speech recognition, machine translation, question answering, Neural Machine Translation (NMT), and image caption generation. This workshop will showcase on how to build a language model that we’ll focus on using recurrent neural network which captures the entire context of the input sequence. Seq2seq models typically employ two Recurring Neural Networks (RNNs). The model is trained to map an input sequence to an output sequence which are not necessarily of the same length as each other. The basic structure of the model is a network of encoders and decoder, bidirectional self-attention layer. I will showcase thorough implementation of a content optimization system using NLP techniques along with scalable deployment of model within Cloud.