Jeff Sharpe

Senior Manager – Tech Lead : Enterprise Platform Products at Capital One

Jeff is a senior manager for Capital One and one of the tech leads behind its Feature Platform. Jeff has been an engineer for twenty years, with well over half that time devoted to building platforms and pipelines for big-data problems. While he speaks only a single language, he’s fluent in over eight programming languages, and has worked on a bewildering variety of projects including network security, bioinformatics, system administration, web hosting, UI design, and fraud detection. It seems this is a good background for a platform designer.

WATCH LIVE: December 8 @ 2:25PM – 2:55PM ET

Data Platforms and Why You Need One

As machine learning and automated decisioning takes on a bigger role in all our lives, engineers and scientists building those solutions have a growing need for an organized, reliable, and trustworthy way of handling their data. So far, data platforms are most popular in large, enterprise platforms and while their usefulness there may be easier to justify, many of the most important arguments for them are universal across all usages. In this talk, I’ll explore some of the most important reasons why you should invest in the infrastructure that’s feeding your machine learning models and how it can solve problems you may not know you have.