Jessica Stauth

Managing Director at Fidelity Labs

Jessica Stauth is a Managing Director in Fidelity Labs, an internal startup incubator with a mission to create new fintech businesses that drive growth for the firm. Dr. Stauth previously held roles as Managing Director of Portfolio Management, Research, and Trading at Quantopian, a crowd-sourced systematic hedge fund based in Boston, Director of Quant Product Strategy for Thomson Reuters (now Refinitiv), and as a Senior Quant Researcher at the StarMine Corporation, where she built global stock selection models including the design and implementation of the StarMine Short Interest model. Dr. Stauth holds a PhD in Biophysics from UC Berkeley, where her research focused on computational neuroscience.

WATCH LIVE: December 8 @ 12:40PM – 1:10PM ET

Start with why: it’s not just good leadership advice, it’s good data science practice!

In 2009 author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek delivered the now-classic TED talk “Start with why”. Viewed by over 28 million people, “Start with Why” is the third most popular TED video of all time and it teaches us that great leaders and companies inspire us to take action by focusing on the WHY over the “what” or the “how”. In this talk we’ll ask how applied data and computational scientists can use the power of WHY to frame problems, inspire others, and give them answers to business questions they might never think of asking.