Julia Khan

Vice President of Analytics at SEMrush

Julia Khan is seasoned professional in data analytics and digital marketing with more than 8 year of experience. She joined SEMrush in 2013 and since that time devoted all her skills and passion to build cutting-edge data driven company culture when it comes to Analytics. Among her projects are marketing attribution modeling, various scoring models for marketing and sales, predicting high-level business metrics dynamics, both with advanced ML models and without them.
She strongly believes in self-service analytics and thinks that data scientist and business analysts roles within a company should not be limited to building dashboards and running neural networks, but also educating non-tech people about the ways they can use data in their daily decision making.

WATCH LIVE: December 10 @ 3:00PM – 3:30PM ET

Business Analyst or Data Scientist? What field to choose if you want to launch a startup in future

My speech will be most useful for young data professionals, who are trying to choose their own path within the wide range of specializations inside the data science field. I’m going to show you some hidden opportunities in business analytics and compare business analyst and data scientist roles in terms of soft skills, you’ll likely gain while working as a business analyst and how these skills may help you to build your own startup in the future.