Kristie Wirth

Data Scientist at Zapier

Kristie is a self-proclaimed “technical translator” and revels in the challenge of communicating data science work to any level audience. You’ll find her working as a Data Scientist at Zapier, where she most recently developed a service that leverages natural language processing to automatically respond to support tickets. Previously, she taught several classes on machine learning and visualization techniques at Galvanize. Her love of learning extends into her personal life, so you will often find her in the midst of taking a class on just about any topic ranging from stand up comedy to swing dancing.

WATCH LIVE: December 9 @ 1:15PM – 1:45PM ET

Automating support ticket replies

How do you keep up with supporting your customers as your business grows? For her company, Kristie found a solution by leveraging machine learning and natural language processing to automate the reply process. The response suggester works by identifying past tickets which are similar to incoming tickets, and surfacing those previous replies as suggested solutions directly to users. This talk will walk through how this bot was built and share details of how you can build something similar for your company!