Using Generative AI & Machine Learning in the Enterprise

September 19, 2023

DSS MIAMI | Schedule

Tuesday, September 19


8.30 – 9.30am ET


9:45 – 10:15am ET

Let’s adopt Generative AI

Manu Gurudatha - Senior Director, Software Engineering at PagerDuty and Sanghamitra Goswami - Sr Dir Data Science at PagerDuty

In the wake of the chatGPT, the world is joining hands to experience this recent AI innovation. Everyone in Enterprise companies, from data science teams to company executives, is trying to release AI/LLM-driven features. Companies are reconfiguring their OKRs and V2MOMs to include AI and, in most cases, generative AI. This talk is a way to “open source” some of the learnings sharing the best practices with industry professionals looking to experience AI in their respective roles. I will also share nuances and challenges that Enterprise companies should evaluate before deciding to participate in this expedition. These metrics and understanding will determine how deep and complex it makes sense for individual companies to dive into this world of AI. Furthermore, this will provide an understanding of what exists as AI (components) in your company, infrastructure, data, etc., and what is required to scale up your AI.

10:20 – 10:40am ET

Orchestrating Generative AI Workflows to Deliver Business Value

Federico Bianchi - Postdoctoral Researcher at Stanford University and Hugo Bowne-Anderson - Head of Developer Relations at Outerbounds

This talk explores a framework for delivering value with Generative AI. We motivate the concepts through generative AI examples in domains such as text-to-image (Stable Diffusion) and text-to-speech (Whisper) applications. Moreover, we’ll demonstrate how workflow orchestration provides a common scaffolding to ensure that your Generative AI and classical Machine Learning workflows alike are robust, and ready to move safely into production systems.

10:45 – 11:15am ET

How ML & GenAI are Transforming Cruising Operations & Customer Experience

Matthew Denesuk - SVP, Data Analytics & AI at Royal Caribbean Group

Abstract coming soon.

11:15 – 11:35am ET

Coffee Break

12:00 – 12:30pm ET

The Impact of Data Experience on Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions

Laura Gabrysiak - Senior Manager - Data Products & Solutions at Visa

Data is often considered the lifeblood of modern organizations. In today’s data-driven world, organizations are increasingly relying on analytics and machine learning solutions to gain insights and make informed decisions. However, it’s not just about having data and sophisticated algorithms; the user’s data experience plays a pivotal role in the success of analytics and machine learning solutions. This presentation aims to explore the crucial role of Data Experience (DX) in shaping analytics and machine learning outcomes and, subsequently, influencing user adoption and data literacy within an organization.

12:30 – 1:00pm ET

Data Visualization in the Age of AI

Natalie Baez Porter - Data & Solutions Strategist at Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

Data Visualization in the Age of AI is an emerging field that leverages AI technology to create new and innovative ways of presenting data. With the help of AI, data visualization can be used to automatically generate tools for analysis and make it more accessible to users. In 2023, emerging technologies such as Chat GPT can be utilized to make data visualization more interactive and engaging. This presentation will explore the various applications of AI in data visualization, including real-time analysis, predictive analytics, and natural language processing. It will also discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with incorporating AI into the data visualization process, such as ethical considerations and data privacy concerns. Attendees will come away with a deeper understanding of the potential impact of AI on data visualization, as well as the latest trends and techniques for utilizing this technology.

1:00 – 1:30pm ET

Leveraging the Hispanic Household Graph and Embeddings for fun and profit at TelevisaUnivision

Sergey Fogelson - Head of Data Science at TelevisaUnivision

As the largest Spanish language media company in the world, TelevisaUnivision’s goal is to understand and serve the needs of the Spanish language media consumer. To that end, we have developed an industry-leading U.S. Hispanic household identity graph to power use-cases that leverage our understanding of our audience across our various properties. Simultaneously, we have combined 1st and 3rd party licensed media consumption and demographic data sources to generate content and user-based embeddings to enhance our audience targeting capabilities.

In this talk, we will describe how we built both products and how we are leveraging them across the enterprise.

1:30 – 2:25pm ET

Lunch & Networking

2:25 – 3:15pm ET

Panel: Demystifying Gen AI & ML: A Cross-Functional View for the Enterprise

Alexandra Levinson – Principal Algorithms/ AI Engineer at Elbit Systems of America
Jennetta George – SVP of AI & CEO of Artificially Intelligent AlixPartners
Antonio Ponte-Dávila – SVP & Deposits Product Manager at Citi
Dmitry Berdnikov – Data Science Manager at Linkedin
Charles Irizarry – Principal, CEO at Brim & Company

2:45 – 3:05pm ET

Scaling for Growth with an Enterprise Architecture for GenAI

Duncan Ng - Head of Solution Architecture at VULTR and Kevin Cochrane - CMO at VULTR

GenAi has ushered in a new gold rush. Successive generational leaps in the underlying NVIDIA GPU infrastructure, together with the rapid evolution of both commercial and open-source LLMs, have disrupted how enterprises traditionally plan for growth. Speed and scale, however, are key to long-term enterprise success. Enterprises today need to adopt a foundational enterprise architectural model for GenAI to not only move faster, but also to scale for growth. In this talk, we examine lessons learned from earlier disruptive eras in Internet infrastructure, a reference architecture for building and maintaining a pipeline of continuous GenAI innovation, and the importance of integrating GenAI with core Cloud-native engineering tools and practices.

3:05 – 3:25pm ET

Coffee Break

3:25 – 3:55pm ET

Beyond the Hype: Real Profits with Generative AI

Dmitry Berdnikov - Data Science Manager at Linkedin

Abstract coming soon.

3:55 – 4:25pm ET

Generative AI and Data Engineering

Shakeel Hye - Director of Data Engineering at TracFone Wireless

Generative AI like any other discipline of Machine Learning is heavily dependent on good quality of relevant data.

4:25 – 4:55pm ET

Transforming Cyber Defense through Language Model Intelligence

Jeff Schwartzentruber - Sr. Machine Learning Scientist at eSentire

The proliferation and accessibility of generative AI has created both cyber-security challenges and opportunities. Adversaries are equipping themselves with new-found capabilities and creating new attack vectors. To combat this rapidly evolving threat landscape, security professionals and organizations can also leverage generative AI – specifically LLMs – to bolster their security posture. This presentation will discuss the development of three novel use cases that leverage or enhance LLMs for cyber-security applications. The first use case is the development of a security focused LLM that was fine-tuned on a security dataset of over 10,000 human investigated cyber-incidents. The tailored model assists security analysts in triaging and understanding current threats for improved incident response times. The second use-case is the development of a self-hosted chat application that enhances the customers experience by allowing organizations to interact with their security data using natural language. The third use case is the development of an OSS LLM API gateway that allows companies to route and monitor requests sent to public or private LLM services to protect against data exfiltration, prompt injections or other malicious behavior. Lastly, we will discuss future opportunities in the realm of cyber-security operations and generative AI, such has autonomous investigations and vector store applications.

5:00 – 7:00pm ET

Closing Reception