Mitchell Coplan

Senior Analytics Consultant at Northwestern Medicine

Mitchell Coplan has worked in the healthcare analytics space for the previous 6 years. His work primarily revolves around finding ways to use data in order to improve quality and decrease the cost of healthcare. He currently works for Northwestern Medicine where is responsible for supporting the ambulatory quality, care coordination, and value based care teams.

WATCH LIVE: February 16 @ 12:40PM – 1:10PM ET

Developing and deploying a logistic regression model into the electronic health record to identify high risk diabetic patients in an outpatient setting

At Northwestern Medicine we are tasked with providing care coordination to over 100,000 diabetic patients. Identifying which of these patients is at high risk for an ASC (ambulatory sensitive condition) admission would provide a manageable subset of high risk patients who would most benefit from care coordination services. We developed a logistic regression model to identify patients’ likelihood of admission (AUC 0.9). We then deployed this model as a docker image into Epic’s Cognitive Computing Environment so that providers could access the model scores with the patients health record. This process improved targeting interventions and operations workflows.