Episode 28

Building data products with Solomon Kahn

Sometimes the most valuable data IN your company … is the data LEAVING your company. That’s Solomon Kahn’s view on data products, as well as the premise behind his latest venture: Delivery Layer. For this episode, our Senior Content Advisor Q McCallum reached out to Solomon to check in on the new startup, and to tap his expertise in the world of data products.

Solomon’s been at this a while. He’s run high-revenue data products in some notable places, including Nielsen. Over the years he’s learned a lot and we’re excited for him to share some of that hard-earned knowledge here on the show.
In this extended conversation, the two explore: the reasons why building a data product is different (and, in many ways, more difficult) than building traditional software products; how the people involved can impact the outcome; why a good sense of risk management can make all the difference; and what purple cars have to do with all of this. (No, seriously. Purple cars.)

Along the way, the pair talk about the early days of the data field, and how much it has changed.