Saeed Shoaraee

Lead Data Scientist at S&P Global

Saeed Shoaraee is Associate Director at New Product Development team of S&P Global – Market Intelligence. He is focused in applying Machine Learning techniques to extract risk signals from alternative datasets, and in particular applying Deep Learning to Natural Language Processing. Previous to S&P Global, he held senior quantitative positions at BMO Financial Group, R2 Financial Technologies, and BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking, where he worked on validating credit risk models, developing Interest Rate pricing models, and structuring Fixed Income products.

WATCH LIVE: February 17 @ 1:15PM – 1:45PM ET

Applied Machine Learning for Spreading Financial Statements

Counterparty financial statements, particularly from small and medium enterprises, are being reported in various formats. Financial analysts need to be able to distill out relevant line items from these documents in order to perform their analysis. Manual spreading of financial statements is labor intensive and inefficient. In this presentation we discuss how ProSpread™ leverages computer vision and natural language processing for spreading financial statements in order to free up analysts and help them focus on their high value add operations.