Sayan Maity

Leading Customer Growth Data Science Initiative at Walmart Labs

Sayan Maity, Ph.D. , is currently leading the effort of researching and applying Cutting Edge AI/ ML techniques in the Ad-Tech business at Roku. Previously, Sayan has worked at Visa Inc. & Walmart Labs in solving business problems in the Fin-Tech & Marketing-Tech domain, respectively. Before joining Industry, Sayan has performed extensive research in academia in developing ML techniques to solve Biometrics, Medical imaging problems and improve optimization techniques in a variety of concave/ convex search spaces.

WATCH LIVE: august 25 @ 1:40PM – 2:10PM ET

Applying holistic ML to solve Industry business problems

How cutting edge Machine Learning techniques can be leveraged to solve the core business needs of expanding the customer base without impacting the brand perception and by minimizing fraud in the context of product based consumer model.