Shiva Amiri

Director, Research Infrastructure at 23andme

Shiva is the Director of Research Infrastructure at 23andMe where she works between researchers and engineers to power world class discovery at 23andMe. Her role is focused on building data products for data scientists and researchers. She was previously the Director of Data Science at Zymergen Inc., a molecular technology company in the Bay Area focused on generating new chemicals. Prior to Zymergen, she was the CEO of BioSymetrics Inc. a biomedical machine learning startup in New York, where she was initially the Chief Product Officer. She has a PhD (DPhil) in Computational Biophysics from the University of Oxford and a HBSc. in Computer Science and Human Biology from the University of Toronto.

WATCH LIVE: February 16 @ 1:50PM – 2:10PM ET

Building Data Science Solutions for Personalized Health and Medicine

This talk describes building genomic analytics and ML platforms for personalized health and drug discovery using the large-scale genetics and phenotypic data at 23andMe. The focus will be on the technology and infrastructure for building and surfacing models to 10M+ customers as well as technologies for our internal Research and Therapeutics discovery work. These platforms comprise our large-scale genomic and phenotypic data sources, genomic analysis pipelines such as genome wide association study (GWAS), and production machine learning services, which combined, power the work of our multiple research, consumer and therapeutics teams.
We will discuss an ML platform that has been built to consume the GWAS results and other features to build Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) reports for our health product, and is extensible for our drug discovery work as well as touch on the applications of these and related technologies including that of ML in drug discovery.