Applying AI & Machine Learning to

Media & Advertising

June 8, 2023

Sophia Tee

Director of Data Science at Penguin Random House

Sophia Tee is a Director of Data Science at Penguin Random House. Her team of machine learning scientists create cool tools and models for the company to help drive profitability through advertising and marketing efforts. Sophia has been involved in a variety of analytics roles, ranging from Marketing Mix Modelling to inventory optimization. She is a native of the tiny island nation of Singapore and graduate of Northwestern University. After beginning her career in finance, Sophia obtained a master’s degree in Statistics at Yale University purely so that she can tell people she “”models professionally.””

When she is not busy trying to revolutionize the world of digital advertising, she can be found in the suburbs of Madison with her two young children and Havanese.

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Advertising at Scale

Our marketers have the unique challenge of promoting each and every book in a personalized way to a highly targeted audience. As a result, traditional methods of advertising processes require a lot of effort and time, making testing at scale difficult. In this talk, we explain how the data science team is working to revolutionize the way our company does advertising through introducing automation and machine learning to a previously highly manual process.