State of AI in the Enterprise: 2023 Report

Insider perspectives discern current practices and leading trends with AI technology, revealing an optimistic exploration of systemic integration into business practices

Enterprises can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to make use of their growing amounts of data. Advances in AI enable them to analyze data at scale in order to gain valuable insights for more informed decision making, automate processes, provide enhanced customer experiences and more. AI has become part of the overall business strategy for many companies and new exciting techniques are increasingly being implemented in 2023.

The State of AI in the Enterprise Report 2023 by Data Science Salon identified current and future trends, as well as the main challenges that companies face when implementing AI solutions.


of respondents think that their company will gain competitive advantage through AI in the next 2-3 years


think that their company culture is not ready for AI


are planning to implement AI solutions including Generative AI in 2023


of respondents say that they mostly build their custom AI systems in-house instead of buying commercial AI solutions


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