Steven Fuller

Sr. Solutions Engineer and Data Scientist at TigerGraph

Steven Fuller is a Solutions Engineer at TigerGraph. Steven brings TigerGraph a proven track record in solutions engineering that focuses on helping client adopt new big data technologies to drive actionable analytics. Previously, Steven spent time leading SE teams at Cloudera and Consulting teams at Hewlett Packard. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in data management and customer analytics from over 20 plus years of sales and consulting experience.

WATCH LIVE: November 17 @ 3:00PM – 3:30PM ET

Driving eCommerce revenue and profits with personalized recommendations powered by Graph DB and Machine Learning

COVID-19 pandemic has raised the stakes. To survive and thrive, all organizations must deliver a better customer experience online. Companies such as Nike and Walmart are reaping the rewards, taking market share and accelerating the growth of their eCommerce channels. Improving customer experience in a digital world requires connected intelligence with the ability to have a real-time 360 view of your customers and the ability to make real-time decisions from every channel.
Join us as we share the next generation customer experience solution for retail and eCommerce powered by graph and machine learning that can:
– Process and connect the continuous flow of data from all digital interactions
– Build and update the 360 degree view of customer journey in real-time
– Deliver relevant personalized recommendations at every customer interaction point, to improve customer experience and increase revenue and profits.