Vaibhav Verdhan

Principal Data Scientist at Johnson & Johnson

Vaibhav Verdhan is a seasoned data science professional with rich experience spanning across geographies and domains. He is a published author with books on machine learning and deep learning. He is a hands-on technical expert and has led multiple engagements in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He is a leading industry expert, is a regular speaker at conferences and meet-ups and mentors students and professionals. Currently he resides in Ireland and is working as a Principal Data Scientist at Johnson and Johnson.

WATCH LIVE: February 17 @ 4:35PM – 4:55PM ET

“Computers can see now like humans” – machine learning extending computer vision

Nature has been very kind to grant us powers of sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing. Out of these senses, the power of sight allows us to appreciate the beauty of the world, enjoy the colours, recognize face of our family and loved ones and above all relish this beautiful world and life. With time, humans amplified the power of brain and made path-breaking inventions and discoveries. Data science and deep learning are allowing to enhance the innovative buckets. Using machine learning we are able to replicate the power of vision given by nature. The computers are being trained to perform the same tasks done by a human being. It can be detection of colours or shape or size, classifying between a cat or a dog or a horse, or driving on a road – the use cases are many. The solutions are applicable for all the sectors like retail, manufacturing, BFSI, agriculture, security, transport, medical and so on. We are developing convolutional neural networks and architectures and harnessing the power of machine learning to empower computer vision.