Veysel Kocaman

Senior Data Scientist & ML Engineer at John Snow Labs

Veysel is a Lead Data Scientist at John Snow Labs, improving the Spark NLP for Healthcare library and delivering hands-on projects in Healthcare and Life Science. He is a seasoned data scientist with a strong background in every aspect of data science including machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data with over ten years of experience. He’s also pursuing his PhD in ML at Leiden University, Netherlands and delivering graduate level lectures in ML and Distributed Data Processing . Veysel has broad consulting experience on Statistics, Data Science, Software Architecture, DevOps, Machine Learning and AI to several start-ups, bootcamps and companies around the globe. He also speaks at Data Science & AI events, conferences and workshops, and has delivered more than 20 talks at International as well as national conferences and meetups.

LIVE WORKSHOP: September 30 @ 12:00PM – 1:00PM ET

Natural language understanding at scale with Spark NLP

Natural language processing is a key component in many data science systems that must understand or reason about text. Common use cases include question answering, paraphrasing or summarization, sentiment analysis, natural language BI, language modeling, and disambiguation. Building such systems usually requires combining three types of software libraries: NLP annotation frameworks, machine learning frameworks, and deep learning frameworks.