Vidhi Chugh

Staff Data Scientist at Blue Yonder 

Vidhi is a Staff Data Scientist at Blue Yonder. She designs AI/ML solutions that help organizations make smarter and efficient business decisions. Prior to BY, she has worked with Ericsson and PwC. She is an FRM charter holder and studied engineering at The NorthCap University, India She is an avid reader and writes blogs with the aim to simplify AI/ML concepts. She is featured by “Million Stem” to inspire the next-gen. She is an advocate for “Responsible and Ethical AI” and aims to promote AI for social good.

WATCH LIVE: september 9 @ 3:25PM – 3:45PM ET

Data Science in banking solutions

Multiple AI-driven solutions exist in the banking industry, but considering the critical role it plays in the economy and the consumer interaction, it needs more explainability on the prediction outcome. The talk intends to use Bayesian networks to better understand causal reasoning and generate insights on the credit worthiness of the borrower.