Vijay Pravin

Data Analytics Expert at Siemens AG (Germany)

Vijay Pravin Maharajan is a TEDx Speaker. It happens to be that, he is the first Indian to be invited for a TEDx talk in Germany below 30. He is recently awarded as the ‘Top 4o under 40 Data Scientists’ in India. He is also in the list of 20+ Inspiring Data Scientists by AI Time Journal from the United States. He is currently working as a Data Analytics Expert at Siemens AG, Germany. He is also a Micro-Influencer on Social Media platforms, especially on LinkedIn. He has been invited for talks at International Conferences on Big Data Analytics Europe, Big Data Strategy Dialog Europe and few educational institutions.

WATCH LIVE: December 10 @ 1:15PM – 1:45PM ET

Insights on the advancements of Data Analytics in Mobility

Siemens is one among the leading market players in the locomotives and mobility business across the world. Our platform Railigent (Rail + Intelligent) serves as a platform for the customers and clients to have a look at how the future of mobility is shaping up! There are many use cases in the rail world where images or videos can be used as unstructured data source. Just to name a few: Identify components which need maintenance and which part of the component exactly seems to have triggered a maintenance -> Save time and effort for engineers who can directly access these images and focus on the pre filtered components and parts for maintenance (Failure Prediction of components in trains in cities like Prague and London) Identify faulty joints in the rails by static cameras which are mounted on the train Monitor train station platforms with a CCTV camera and give an alert for congestions Energy Comparison and Consumption of the locomotives when the ecoCruise mode is ON or turned OFF Monitor number of passengers which get off a train and board a train Monitor number of passengers and location of passengers on a platform and many more, with the help of our ecosystem.